Choosing Watch Winder for Your Rolex Collection

Rolex Collection

So, you’re a watch collector who’s keen on collecting Rolex watches and trying to step up your game. You have the idea of buying a watch winder for your watch. But you still can’t decide which watch winder is good for your Rolex. Check out this article to know how to choose a Rolex watch winder. 

Movement or Caliber

Movement or caliber refers to an engine or the moving part of a watch as opposed to case. Each brand of watch uses a different kind of caliber. In the case of Rolex, there are different calibers that are used in their watch design, some of which are Caliber 3135, 2231, 2236 and so on. Choose the right Rolex watch winder box which suits your watches’ caliber in order to avoid damage to your watch.

Winding Direction

Winding direction is an important feature to consider when buying a watch winder. There are three kinds of winding direction which are clockwise (CW), counter clockwise (CWW), and both. Most automatic Rolexes use both winding directions in order to wound the watch. However, there is an exception for a certain model of Rolex which only uses clockwise winding direction. Choose a Rolex watch winder direction which suits your watch best.

Turns Per Day

Turns per day refers to how much turn does your watch need exactly in order to function properly. Excessive turns will cause damage to your watch mainspring. As a result your beloved Rolex will no longer function as it should be. Most Rolexes require 650 turns per day (TPD), so choose a Rolex watch winder that has an adjustable turning or choose one which has the exact TPD as your watch. 

So, those are some aspects to consider when choosing a Rolex watch winder. Be aware of different requirements for certain model of Rolex in order to avoid severely damaging your beloved timepiece.

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