8 Steps to Choose Six Watch Winder


If you are a collector of automatic watches, it makes you spend your time treating your watch. You must decide the right six watch winder to store your watch collection. You must be careful when you decide because it must be suitable for your needs. There will be some steps in choosing the right watch winder. 

  1. Buying the Best Quality Six Watch Winder

Watch winder is like an investment. It is used for a longer period. You must buy the best six watch winder. It expects to be durable and long-lasting so that you don’t buy it again later. 

  1. Investing Watch Winder with Extra Slots

six watch winder is unique because it consists of 6 spaces to save watches. If you want to buy this, you should invest it more. You find a watch winder box with an extra slot. The extra slots are beneficial if you buy more watches in the future. 

  1. Checking Turning Per Day 

It is better to check the cycle of turning time of your automatic watches. It is essential to determine the right watch winder. 

  1. Programmed Watch Winder

The next thing is about the programmed watch winder. You must buy a watch winder that can be programmed for accommodate the turning per day. Turning per day is essential to your watch winder. 

  1. TTP Supporting 

It is better to select a watch winder supporting TTP to all your watches. Then, it needs to make your watch turn every day by adjusting the speed. When you find this watch winder, it means that you get the best watch winder. 

  1. Supporting Turning to Clockwise

You need to select a watch winder supporting the turning to the direction and opposite of clockwise so that your watches can turn to all sides or two sides. Your watch winder will turn it automatically. 

  1. Long-Lasting Battery 

A watch winder can function on the battery or direct source. You must select a watch winder with a long-lasting battery if you often travel. In this way, you can bring your watch winder anywhere you go

  1. Design 

The interest and aesthetic beauty of the watch winder becomes an important feature of the watch winder. The beautiful watch winder can be used to show off your expensive watches in a beautiful way. 

Those are some ways on choosing the best quality six watch winder for your luxury watch collection.

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