Watch Winder Australia: Things to Know about a Watch Winder


Are you looking for a watch winder Australia? Maybe, it is more important to know what a watch winder is first. Well, there are some types of watches available in the market. One of them is the automatic watch. An automatic watch can stop functioning when you are not using it at all for a long time.

Watch Winder for Automatic Watches

The watch is indeed not damaged and the battery is also not used up. If you have recharged or simply shaken it, the watch can be used. You can also set up the clockwise. Although recharging and shaking the watch is not a problem at all, this is considered not practical. For watch collectors or those who often use watches in turns, recharging is considered a waste of time. That’s why they need a watch winder.

A Recharging Tool for Automatic Watches

So, a watch winder is a tool to recharge automatic watches without you needing to wear them anytime. It applies the mechanism of the automatic watch that uses a rotor spinning system for recharging. In a watch winder, the watch automatically spins at a certain speed.

While the watch is spinning, the rotor is held by gravity to tighten the mainspring of the watch. It powers the automatic watch and other types of watches that use a rotor as its system. Only mechanical watches cannot use a watch winder to spin it automatically.

If you only have one or two automatic watches and tend to use them every day, a watch winder may not be really needed. But you should consider collecting watch winders also if collecting this type of watch is your hobby. In addition, more than just a spinning and recharging tool for automatic watches, a watch winder also functions to keep the watch. This way, it is free from dust and dirt.

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