3 Things You Need to Know about The Watch Winder USA


The watch winder USA allows you to learn about automatic watches and horology. Discussing it will give you more information, especially the most essential one.

The below article will be exciting for you to read. It will tell you in brief about what you should know about watch winder. 

Is it possible if an automatic watch is overwound?

You have to know that an automatic watch can not be overwound. After the mainspring moves completely, both rotor and crown decouple from the movement. The gears disengage while moving. 

There are two withstand constant motions that build the watches. Yet, you had better keep a watch which is already wound in a winder. You can program it depending on your watch needs. 

Take, for example, put your watch having 650 turns per day on a winder that sets 800 winds per day. The little extra wind on a winder will not damage yours.

On the other hand, you can not store your automatic watch with 650 turns on a watch winder USA having 1800 turns per day. It will result in you having extra tears on your gears. 

Does a watch get extra stress if it is constantly moving?

First, you have to know that you should always wear mechanical watches. So, you have to wear your watch every day. However, it might get minimal extra stress.

You need not worry for this minimal stress to occur. There is no specific concern about this because it is the reason why designed an automatic watch.

Meanwhile, you had better not keep the watch that always requires a reset. You will damage this type of watch if it is constantly running. The movement can add extra stress to this type of watch.

What can you expect from a watch winder?

The main focus of the watch industry is its accuracy. You can read this from various articles, whether for a manual or automatic watch. 

From the article, you learn about the gravity that creates the pull on its escapement wheel. This one is the essential component that can regulate the timekeeping in your watch. 

The pull will result in the watch’s speed, faster or slower. It will affect every different position. That is why you need to balance the wheel to minimize the loss and maximize the gain.

There is a minimum of five positions being tested and regulated in most watches. Due to the single position movement on a watch winder USA, you can not expect the same accuracy as you wear it. 

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