4 Simple Steps To Operate Watch Winder UAE to Protect Your Favorite Automatic Watches


Putting automatic watches in a watch winder UAE is one way to keep their performance. You have to know first how to use this device correctly. The way you use the winder determines the performance of the watches. Follow the instructions below to operate an automatic watch winder maximally and you get the benefits.

Connect the Power Source 

Watch winders come with an AC power adapter. Connect it to the wall socket. Then, insert the DC power plug into the DC jack on the back of the winder. Don’t get confused if you see two DC jacks on the back. Both of them work identically, so choose one of them to plug the DC power plug. Ensure that you disconnect the AC power adapter when you don’t use the winder.

Take Out the Watch Holder from the Winder 

Open the watch winder box and take out the watch holder. You only have to slightly squeeze and pull the holder. It helps to detach the watch pillow from the rotor. Ensure that you do it carefully to keep the rotor safe. The rotor is one of the vital parts of the watch winder UAE that helps the lubrication process. It will be useless if you put watches in a window if there is something wrong with the rotor.  

Put the Watch on the Holder 

Squeeze the watch pillow or the holder, so you can put an automatic watch there. Release your squeeze once the watch is in the middle of the pillow. Put the watch horizontally on the pillow if it is small. You can put the watch vertically on the pillow when it is big. Press the pillow and fit it back to the rotor. Do this process carefully, so it doesn’t affect the rotor, watch, or pillow. 

Turn On the Power 

Turn on the power on the watch winder once the pillow or holder is fit on the rotor. The rotor will automatically rotate the watch holder or the pillow when you are activating the power. Watch winder works in a default program or TPD 950. It means that the holder will turn counterclockwise for 1 minute and turn clockwise for 1 minute. Then, it pauses for 26 minutes and repeats the turning cycle. The device will always do the turning cycle unless you turn off the power. Make sure that the position of the holder is in the upright position at any resting time or before turning off the power.

So, operating a watch winder UAE is simple. You only have to do the steps carefully and correctly. It will keep your watches working well.

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